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  • Kennels in Normandy Fees from only 13€ per day
  • Top quality healthy and nutritious food
  • Your pet will be walked four times daily 
  • Spacious 2 acre paddock
  • Playtime in the morning and afternoon
  • Pets will be groomed on a daily basis
  • Dogs with special needs and diet can be catered for
  • Large fenced and totally secure covered “play area”
  • Beautiful rural setting with kennels designed to the highest standard

Chenil du Val Kennels

Chenil du Val Kennels

Normandy France

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email: info@kennelsnormandy.com


The kennels are situated in a beautiful rural setting and have been designed to the highest standard.

The partition between pens is solid which cuts down on inter-pet aggression. The pens are larger than recommended allowing plenty of space for larger breeds of dogs and long term boarders and can also house friends together.

Ideal for owners with more than one dog.

Normandy kennels FranceThe kennels are all under cover providing protection from bad weather. All pens have adjustable individual infa-red heat lamps. Plastic beds are provided, but your pet can bring their own bedding and toys. If you have more than one dog they can stay together if requested however I do not double up on dogs from different owners in the same kennel.

All dogs are walked four times a day and can also enjoy a playtime in the enclosed garden area twice a day.


Play Area

There is a large fenced and totally secure “play area” which is also under cover, allowing each individual dog special playtime on a daily basis.

Angela so enjoys this time of day and can spend hours having fun with her boarders and considers this a very important part of the day, getting to know all her boarders on a one to one basis, which in turn reduces any stress which all pets, when away from familiar surrounding, smells, friends and family may feel.

If your pet has a particular toy which they enjoy please bring it along to help them enjoy their playtime.

Sleeping Areas

Plastic dog beds are provided, but after years of experience find it less stressful if your dog has something familiar, that is theirs and that they can relate to. So we encourage owners to bring their dogs bedding (not clean and freshly washed) including their own bed if you feel they would be more comfortable and help them settle in to their holiday. Although helping your pets settle in may not help your pocket, for we cannot be held responsible for any destruction caused.

Dogs with special needs and special diets

All pets are fed with top quality healthy and nutritious food.

Any pets on a special diet are asked to provide their own food. If you also wish your pet to stay on the same diet then please supply enough food to last their pets stay at the kennels.

Please supply written instructions for those pets on medication from your veterinary surgeon. These will be strictly adhered to and administered as required.

Outdoor fenced in secure play area at Kennels NormandyExercise/Playtime and Grooming

Your pet will be walked four times daily on a lead within the spacious 2 acre paddock together with a playtime in the morning and afternoon subject to owner's wishes. Special needs will be adhered to at all times. Pets will be groomed on a daily basis.