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  • Kennels in Normandy Fees from only 13€ per day
  • Top quality healthy and nutritious food
  • Your pet will be walked four times daily 
  • Spacious 2 acre paddock
  • Playtime in the morning and afternoon
  • Pets will be groomed on a daily basis
  • Dogs with special needs and diet can be catered for
  • Large fenced and totally secure covered “play area”
  • Beautiful rural setting with kennels designed to the highest standard

Chenil du Val Kennels

Chenil du Val Kennels

Normandy France

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email: info@kennelsnormandy.com

The Pets Passport Scheme

The Pet passport scheme has been in operation since 2000. The rules are changing in January 2012 please refer to the Defra site.

This scheme has allowed movement of pets between the UK and other qualifying countries. With the European boarders opening up, people are living, moving and working more easily within Europe and the (P.E.T.S.) has also allowed owners to take their pets on holiday when traveling abroad. But, there is a very strict criteria that has to be adhered to, which can, at times be very confusing and can take up to 7 months to complete.

Full details regarding the Pet Passport Scheme is available on the DEFRA website


Returning to the UK

If returning to the UK and you do not wish your pet to have to undergo a stressful period in a quarantine kennels in the UK, Chenil du Val can be of assistance to you and will prevent the confinement that direct entry would entail.

Pets passport scheme, Chenil du Val kennels can helpI have looked after many dogs for long term boarding from a variety of countries, America, Dheli and Malaysia to name but a few.

Dogs from approved countries may only have to stay with me for a short while until their passport becomes valid, others the full qualifying period, maybe up to 7 months. Here your dog will get lots of love and cuddles, they get to see and talk to other dogs and if they are sociable they can play with other dogs and can play with my dogs in my fenced in garden area.

I can help you understand the paper work and sometimes seemingly overwhelming regulations and successfully get your pet home with the minimum amount of stress.

Please contact me direct regarding the P.E.T.S Passport Scheme and I will be more than happy to talk you through the procedure and put your mind at rest regarding this process.

Ideal Kennels for long term boarders

Chenil du Val is the ideal kennels for long term boarders and for the finishing qualification period for P.E.T.S Passport Scheme. Quarantine alternative. All documentation will be undertaken for you. Making your dogs stay as enjoyable and stress free as possible, for both you and your pet.